Best Rowing Machines under $200 – [2021 Reviews]

Best Rowing Machines under $200
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You want to get fit, tone up your muscles, or planning on losing a few extra pounds during this pandemic. Unfortunately going to gyms is not a safe option anymore. But you can build one at home and that too under a budget of $200.

Finding the best rowing machine under $200, that solves all your problems and saves time sounds impossible, but it is not. Rowing machine is an answer to that.

It’s an all in one machine that builds upper and lower body strength along with maintaining good cardio health giving you the benefit of aerobic exercise.

For your home gym, an indoor rowing machine is far better than any equipment you are planning to buy. With rower, exercise takes every bit of your body’s focus, muscle power and energy.

It lets us know that what we are doing is efficient, it takes whole body to work out and engage core muscles increasing oxidative capacity. And that’s what we are looking for right? A machine that works on all muscles in one go, without shifting from equipment to equipment or jumping from one machine to another.

Obviously, we can’t build a whole gym in our garage. That’s why we want to choose a machine that provides benefits of all other machines.

Rower is fairly an easy machine to handle once you get hold of it, there’s no way you are going back. It is a low impact machine with easy manual. The best part is it can be adjusted according to your body type, some go for 26 strokes per minute others go for 34 strokes per minute. It is highly customizable but provides same incredible result.

Why buy a rowing machine, you will question? Well rowing has all the benefits you are searching for in a machine, it is easy to use, convenient and works on 9 major muscles including quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core muscles, rhomboids in shoulder, triceps, biceps and back extensors. It is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight and are unable to perform other types of machine.

What is the best inexpensive rowing machine under $200 in 2021?

1. Sunny SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine

Sunny health and fitness is the most suitable choice out there if you wish to shop for a rowing machine under 200$ that offers features of an upscale machine.

It has adjustable tension to focus on either cardio or improve tone in your muscles.

With 12 resistive bands, you can adjust resistance equal to that of water and work on your core muscles.

However, there are certain pros and cons of this machine that you need to consider before buying.


  • It may be a rock bottom machine and has many limitations but to get started for a healthy lifestyle routine, this is a great option for you.
  • This machine provides you with full upper body workout and is kind of amazing considering the price range
  • It is a nice option for beginners or those who want to lose extra weight under budget.
  • It can sustain and support weight over 350lb


  • With digital monitor you can track progress but it’s not that accurate to measure the amount of calories you’ve burned.
  • It is nonadjustable to height so if you’re above 5”10, this machine isn’t for you. It’s short beam and foot rest won’t fit good together with your leg length
  • If you’re an athlete and want a rower for your home, this machine model will not suite your needs, its seat padding will wear off quickly and it’s unable to sustain maximal stress and high strokes.

Final verdict

This machine may be a great option for beginners or for those who want to try out and experience rowing. It has all the required features of a rower with sturdy quality. But in the long run it won’t benefit you as it is unable to sustain increased leverage.

2. ZHCCCJBOY rowing machine hydraulic

The rowing machine is specifically designed to achieve smooth and accurate rowing with better user experience. Its adjustable rollers facilitate you to customize exercise plan in line with your body needs.

This machine is stellar for achieving rowing for aerobic exercise with adjustable levels to keep up with strength and meet the exercise demand of the body.

It’s designed to keep the ergonomics of your body in mind placing cushions to reduce fatigue in back muscles.


This product has a variety of features including

  • Its steel frame body is robust and durable
  • It comes with adjustable resistance levels
  • It includes a monitor that counts calories burned, stroke rate, stroke time and duration of exercise precisely to help you take account of your progress.
  • Under this price range this machine is ergonomically built to reinforce the sturdiness of exercise and facilitate your gain a plus.


  • The adjustable levels are basic they don’t offer much resistance as shown.
  • The body is sturdy and hard with pointed edges which could cause minor abrasions and lacerations.
  • It has an adjustable height, but the footrest is not wide based, which could be difficult to maintain hip angle at a standard level.

Final verdict

This machine offers more features than any other machine under 150$. They are careful enough to take care of an ergonomic design to facilitate muscles, improve posture and minimize fatigue during rowing. However, it also comes with some limitations within this price range as it’s not build for athletes or gym rats. But overall it a good machine to get started with home exercises.

3. Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

It is most convenient machine to use for home exercise plan. The hydraulic rollers with magnetic resistance allow smooth rowing stroke throughout the session. With its multifunctional monitor you can track total number of strokes, time, distance and amount of calories burned in a 15 to 30 min session. With pivoting plates, you can have a large base to place feet at a 45-degree angle to minimize muscle strain and increase endurance. These plates can also help adjust angle for people with different height to possibly be more comfortable and lighter.


  • It is compact, quiet and under budget. When looking for rowing machine that creates less sound, a hydraulic rower is best choice for you.
  • Hydraulic rowing machines are compact and easily foldable, they don’t take much space and are easy to use when you are fairly new to rowing.
  • It is aided with sliding seats to power you with full aerobic exercise workout.


  • The hydraulic pistons need to be adjusted after every session.
  • The arms are short as compared to other rowers
  • Using this machine on increased level of resistance could overheat the machine resulting in decrease in efficiency and resistance, you may need to change shocks now and the if you are an aggressive trainer.
  • It has minimum resistance on legs and increased resistance on upper body

Final verdict

This machine is a bargain and works very well on upper body. The seat slides all the way down to the pedal area and will move pushed back up as far as your legs are long. It’s a total work out, and the tension can be tightened a bit more from time to time, gaining more strengthening work out. It’s a pretty good range of motion work out for the inexpensive cost.

4. Sunny SF-RW1205

Get best experience of rowing with another incredible machine under 200$ by sunny health and fitness. It’s easy to use system works efficiently to provide you with amazing rowing experience. Its light weight and easily foldable to keep it safe and removed from sight. It is a single piston resistance machine suitable for average height users.


  • It has adjustable resistance piston, giving you decent control over exercise
  • It has a sliding seat to involve lower body in the workout, the seat is as comfortable as any other high priced machine.
  • The hydraulic rower gives smooth and quiet rowing experience to the user.


  • The monitor doesn’t record workout progress or comes with heart rate monitor to measure cardiopulmonary rate.
  • With increased training the oil in pistons wears off decreasing resistance over time.
  • The foot plates are small and pivot back and forth while rowing, which provides instability during rowing.

Final verdict

The Sunny SF-RW1205 is a steal in this price range compared to the benefits it offers. It is half the size of the original rowers but its functional quality is way better than any other hydraulic rower in town. It is a smart buy for small weighted users as its maximum load capacity is 220lb. if your weight is above 220lb this machine isn’t suitable for you.

5. Stamina 1110 Magnetic Rowing Machine

This rowing machine offers a decent total body workout. It provides full magnetic resistance with hydraulic pistons and resistance bands. It is smooth and works seamlessly, magnetic rowing machines create no noise and offers the strongest resistance.


  • It offers magnetic resistance, features a twisting knob which makes it easy to interchange between resistance levels.
  • It incorporates a variable resistance with 8 levels to regulate it in line with your stroke and stamina
  • It has the optimal build and smooth stroke with every row.
  • It encompasses a phone and bottle holder which makes it easy to reach your essentials, unlike other machines.
  • It is lightweight, just 45 pounds as compared to other models


  • Digital monitor makes an annoying beeping noise after every stroke
  • The foot straps are uncomfortable and difficult to place feet in and commence
  • The user isn’t able to fully extend this/her arms above footrest, therefore minimizing the efficacy of workout

Final verdict

The Stamina 1110 Rowing Machine benefits the user with excellent magnetic resistance and is a best choice for someone who is looking for a silent rowing machine. It has a good digital monitor as compared to other rowing machines and predicts precise calorie burn and stroke rate. Although you can’t fully extend your arms and have to lean your trunk forward, putting your arms ahead of foot rest. This is an uncomfortable position and strains your back muscles.

6. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This incredible machine by stamina trim your waist and tighten abdominal muscles with full ROM rowing arms to mimic natural rowing movement. It helps target and concentrate on major muscle groups with low impact aerobics and cardiopulmonary exercise.


  • It is a portable rowing machine, that fits into small spaces conveniently.
  • Stamina 1050 offers full a range of motion exercise and provides natural rowing experience, optimizing whole body muscles
  • It provides perfect low impact rowing strokes mimic that of water. It better than other machine mentioned here, offering best experience of aerobics simultaneous acting on upper and lower muscles.


  • It develops squeaky noise and resistance wears off after prong use.
  • The foot rest are poorly made
  • It has a limited warranty.
  • No ergonomic approach is employed it making this machine.

Final verdict

This machine is nice for moderate exercise, it’s the best low cost machine that offers features of a regular rowing machine. It’s sturdy solid steel frame, quiet and convenient to use. It offers excellent aerobic workout, tone muscles and build However, it comes with its own limitation having uncomfortable foot rest, annoying beeping sound after every stroke, the monitor usually skips accurate timing and has limited guarantee offered by company.

7. Opti Magnetic Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is made from chrome steel and it is lightweight with small design convenient for storage. It is the foremost cheapest option to experience the best rowing under budget. It mimics rowing in water and provides resistance to achieve your desired goal and enhance your confidence.


  • If you want to experience elite rowing experience under 200$, then this is the far most suitable option for you
  • You get to experience quiet and smooth rowing experience without any annoying beeping or squeaky sound.
  • It includes a variable resistance with 8 levels, which provides good resistance as compared to other models the difference can be seen while using this machine


  • It is not an ideal for tall people, thanks to its compact design.
  • It can only bear weight of 120lbs to 150lbs, not a good option if you are planning to lose weight.
  • It has short rail and limited range of movement, benefiting only individuals with average weight and height.

Final verdict

The Opti magnetic rower could be a great machine if you choose the quality of exercise offered by a machine. It has smooth rowing strokes and you can increase the resistance of workout without any concern. It is an inexpensive option but offers great results as you would get with any other high end machine. However, it has some limitations, the foremost prominent of all of them is that it can only accommodate person with average height and weight, if you’re above 6” or have load over 120lbs this machine isn’t for you. Most users have complained that this machine breaks down within few months of purchase. So this machine is only good if you want to gain muscle mass or tone up your muscles, nothing more than that.

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Buyers guide for best cheap rowing machines under $200

You want to build up your body strength, endurance, and tone within a budget? Want to get the best experience at the lowest price with all the benefits of a high-end machine? Most people will tell you that a cheap rower will not give you what you desire, it will breakdown quickly but that’s not the case! There are many amazing rowing machines out there under 200$ that offer the best exercise experience you can get with any expensive machine. Buckle up yourself because here we are going to discuss the best machines under budget.

How to Choose the best rowing machines under $200 in 2021:

Before buying your favorite machine keep a few points in mind that will guide you in buying the machine that suits your budget and available space in your room.

  • There is no use in buying a machine that doesn’t slot in your home and occupies extra space than available, hydraulic rowing machines are best suitable for this purpose they’re convenient, take less space and are easy to use.
  • Always rummage around for machine that mimics rowing of that in water, the whole idea of using rowing machine is get an experience that suits best and provides near equal resistance thereto water so you’ll get the specified workout of whole body.
  • There is variation of resistances in rowing machines. The foremost prominent of them is water resistance, because it provides same quiet resistance felt with rowing a boat in water. This sort of rowing machine makes low noise when installed with magnetic rollers.

Which machine should I recommend to you?

Based on the features and disadvantages, every machine has its pros and cons, but we should keep in mind the price range in which we are searching. Of course, you want the best machine that benefits you under a budget, that’s a tough choice as you may have to compromise on some features.

Always go for the quality of the machine and look if it mimics rowing adequate that of water. There are various options to settle on, but in my opinion Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is the best choice to choose from. It makes no noise, convenient to use, offers smooth rowing strokes, and provides optimal aerobic exercise results. It focuses on all major muscles of the body and increases your cardiac capacity.


The price tag doesn’t conclude the standard, quality, and efficiency of a product. There are many companies out there that provide the best product under budget. Always know what you are searching for in an exceeding machine, what are your requirements, and your price range. The main goal of employing a rowing machine is to target muscles as they are engaged in water during rowing. Check for smooth fluid-like motion, less noise, and optimum progress in exercise. The afro mentioned machines are really awesome, no matter which one you choose you’ll get the best experience that you are looking for!

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